What is the HMC for
The HMC is for a better world. The HMC team believes that mobility at will enables people to improve their quality of life, and that, among various types of migration, it is the educational migration that helps migrants enhance not only their qualification but also understanding toward the globe, which can make the world a better place.

Who founded the HMC
The HMC was founded in Canada in 2021 by Sam Heying – a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (Verify Status with CICC) and skilled entrepreneur. Heying received double master’s degrees in business and logistics; he founded and managed an English tutoring centre; he also worked as a professional in different roles, industries, and countries.

What does the HMC do
Leveraging resources and networks both at home and abroad, the HMC team prioritizes international business that assists global clients moving to Canada to study, work, vacation, or live; the team also strives to facilitate cooperation between Canadian educational institutions and their foreign counterparts in developing partnership programs that make studying in Canada easy.

Who is Invited to join the HMC
International business professionals are invited to partner with the HMC. If you are interested, please get in touch by email at HeyingMC@Gmail.com.