Tackle Canadian immigration backlogs by accepting fewer new applications temporarily

According to a recent report from CTV News, popular Canadian news media, applications for Canadian immigration and citizenship continue to delay due to massive backlogs.

The delays have kept applicants frustrated and struggling, who have paused critical life events and decisions because of the prolonged waits, per the report.

As discussed in HMC Insight earlier this year, a dilemma may exist in Canadian immigration in 2022 – maintaining high numbers of permanent resident intakes versus reducing processing times for backlogged applications.

Given that it is now heading to the halfway mark of the year and backlogs are still staggering, the HMC team considers that immediate actions are required to tackle the mounting case numbers. One possible solution is to temporarily accept fewer new applications by taking in only urgent cases among certain types of applications – so that resources and capacity reserved for new files can be freed and directed to the old ones. This temporary measure should end once the backlogs are substantially declining.

Despite the current challenge induced by the pandemic, the Canadian immigration system remains one of the most robust, sophisticated, and responsive on the planet, a belief held by the HMC team.

(Source: CTV News, and HMC Insight)

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