Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program of Canada to expose lawbreakers effective May 3

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) will publish the names of people who breach the Ontario Immigration Act in their immigration applications; the measure will become effective on May 3, 2022, per the Government of Ontario, Canada.

Applicants under the OINP are by law required to supply information being accurate, correct, and not misleading; any breaching parties (individuals, employers, or representatives) could face punishments. When the defrauders receive administrative monetary penalties or banning orders, the OINP will release their names to the public according to the new measure.

The HMC team is aware that as a popular provincial immigration program channeling foreign candidates into immigrating to Canada, the OINP has its quota in high demand. The team then reckons that with this publishing order, the OINP can deter applicants from engaging in fraudulent activities and reserve seats for those who are genuinely qualified.

(Source: Government of Ontario)

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